The folk/country project of Jim Dillon. Based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I can be contacted at

Sometimes I like to sing Sam Cooke songs


Alpaca - The Dress That Walker Lukens Saw In A Window On Seventh Avenue as performed on a rooftop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Filmed by Benjamin Grimes


—A Song For The Marshall Street Kids

A song called “A Song for the Marshall Street Kids” I did a rough demo of while I was visiting my family in Seattle. 


—Grape Soda

This is a song I wrote a couple years ago but have never recorded. I have only played it live once, actually. Enjoy!


—The Dress Walker Lukens Saw in a Window on Seventh Avenue

Rough draft of a new song titled “The Dress Walker Lukens Saw in a Window on Seventh Avenue”. 

James Dillon

—Last Four Months

Alpaca - The Last Four Months 

I finally bought some home recording equipment and this is the first song I recorded. 


—The last 4 months

Rough Macbook Pro recording of a new song called “The Last Four Months”.

James Dillon

—Smoke in Your Eye

Super rough recording of a new song in its early stages. It’s called Smoke in Your Eye.